Our People


Polly graduated from Durham University in 2010 and after stints as a travelling chocolate saleswoman and a recruitment consultant her heart told her to follow her true calling… food! Her fascination stems from digging potatoes and picking herbs in her Grandfather’s garden to working in her Mum’s deli and restaurants around Cornwall. Naturally she was thrilled to be welcomed into the PamLloyd fold in January 2013 where she can legitimately talk about food all day long.

Most likely to say: "Mmm these seeds are so filling...NOT"
If it’s on the menu I’m ordering:  "Scallops, every time!"
Are you going to the bar?  Make mine a: "Glass of chilled New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, large, let’s not mess around"
Come on over, I’m cooking: "Something Asian, and too much of it, while you sit at my breakfast bar sipping something"
Did I ever tell you about the time...: “I spent 8 hours putting up an Ikea chest of drawers to find out I had done it back to front. No I didn’t think so…”


Heather Press Office Manager


Heather keeps the office (and the team!) in order as the office manager. Specialising in number-crunching and spreadsheets, Heather’s responsibilities include everything from finance to photography, video and image creation. At PamLloyd, she loves being surrounded by all things foodie. As an inventive gluten free cook she spends her free time making and photographing  food on her blog Snack to the future as her internet alter ego @Chubb_tweets. 

Most likely to say: "Awesome!" As in - Wow! That radish is awesome, or, I just saw an awesome pair of shoes, or, I love the word awesome, it's awesome.
If it¹s on the menu I’m ordering: "The cheeseboard. And no, I don't mean to share."
Make mine a: "Large glass of rioja please"
Come on over, I’m cooking: "Mexican food, the spicier the better!"
Did I ever tell you about… "The time I was in those McFly music videos!"


Pam Lloyd Owner, PR Director


PamLloyd PR was born out of Pam's freelance career.  The business in its current form started with a notion of a workplace delivering best-of-class PR without the stress, screaming and 20-hour days typical elsewhere in the PR industry. A place where mums can work flexible hours — and where clients reap consistently strong, measurable results, delivered by a committed and creative team. Pam is the Chair of CIPR South West, a well-known industry speaker; and an authority on fresh food marketing and PR.  

Most likely to say: "Dieter…have you got distracted?"
If it’s on the menu I’m ordering:  "Whole roast seabass - will it live up to the one I ate in Fishers in Clifton Village 2009..."
Make mine a:  "Mojito. I'll pretend I'm in a beach bar..."
Come on over, I’m cooking:  "Nigella’s involtini, its really fiddly but absolutely delicious"
Did I ever tell you about the time… "I tried to order a sandwich in a pub in Gravesend after 9.30pm?"

Dieter Managing Director


Dieter’s marketing agency background includes expertise in data analytics, strategy and bringing a single-minded focus on ROI to all PamLloyd clients accounts. He’s worked across a variety of marketing disciplines including print production, contract publishing, advertising and direct mail. He provides marketing consultancy to all PamLloyd clients, working with board members to devise marketing strategy and direct implementation. He makes the best omelette in the South West.

Most likely to say: "As Jim would have said, 'When you’re up to your arse in alligators its easy to forget that your original task was to drain the swamp."
If it’s on the menu I’m ordering:  "Ribeye steak served rare, with thin chips, hollandaise and griddled asparagus."
Make mine a: "Pint"
Come on over, I’m cooking: "An open fruit tart"
Did I ever tell you about the time… "I bought Pam a drink and she told me her Spalding story? It cost a fortune before she lost the thread!"


Rosie’s PR career began in London. Having spent over 3 years in the City working for a financial PR agency, she decided to combine her love of food and PR and joined the comms team at an award winning butcher. In October 2016 Rosie packed her bags and made the move to Bristol before bagging her dream job at PLPR a couple of weeks later. Rosie’s interest in food stemmed from a young age re-enacting cooking programmes and watching her mum baking and dad cooking on the weekends.

Most likely to say: "Let’s go to [insert restaurant name here] for dinner!”
If it’s on the menu I’m ordering: "Rare rib-eye with dauphinoise/Bao buns/Lobster mac & cheese…” 
Make mine a: "Negroni please”
Come on over, I’m cooking: "a variety of cakes and puddings… containing heaps of chocolate”
Did I ever tell you about the time… “I was close to becoming a contestant on series 2 and 3 of the GBBO?”




Olivia started off her career in PR interning at a variety of London PR agencies. After spending a weekend with friends in Bristol she fell in love with the city so much she moved very shortly after in 2012. Working in creative recruitment for 3 years, and then a stint in fashion PR she joined PLPR towards the start of 2016. Olivia enjoys living and breathing everything foodie and working with a great set of clients. A food fanatic she loves nothing more than trying all Bristol has to offer with its vibrant food scene. 

Most likely to say: "Shall we have another bottle?"
If it’s on the menu I’m ordering: "Seafood, always."
Make mine a: "A glass of prosecco please"
Come on over, I’m cooking: "Vietnamese hand rolls to start and a salmon and prawn Thai curry with lots of chilli for main"
Did I ever tell you about the time … "I  saw my Dad climb on stage with Iggy Pop at Hyde Park"