Is this you?

Your business is in food and maybe drink too. You might be marketing a food or drink product to trade or shoppers. Perhaps you're launching or promoting a restaurant. You could also be a farmer or crop association who wants to market your fresh produce. You know you have a great offer and a good story to tell to the right people.

But marketing is only one of the hats you wear every day. You may not even have a marketing team to work with. That’s where we can help. We support people like you who want to reach the right people with the stories about their product. We work alongside you to ensure that you get heard and that have the results to show for all your hard work.

Are we right for you?

PamLloyd Food Marketing and PR is a food and drink business. We are not distracted by projects outside our niche. We work solely on food and drink campaigns. We believe in changing people's attitudes and behaviour to food and drink products and services for the better. 

Whether you're a restaurant, a grower, a food or drink producer the clients we work with want people in their neighbourhood - locally, regionally or nationally - to hear their story. You want a dedicated bunch of food absessives (that's us) who will care about your product as much as you do. You're happy that we care enough to have strong opinions (a few of them) and you welcome shaping the plan of action together. 

If we sound like the right people to have on your side, here are some of the challenges we can work with you to get sorted.

  • What is our story?
  • How do we get the media to share our product story? 
  • How do we tell the right people we're launching our restaurant?
  • How do we keep people coming to our restaurant?
  • How do we tell the trade about our offer?
  • How do we get kids interested in our product?
  • What type of content do we need to tell our story?
  • How do we measure the effectiveness of our work?